Sunday, July 14, 2013

Erocka Spreens Wyoneen

Long time no blog! Have you missed me? Don't answer that. Ha ha. Those of you unfortunate enough to follow my life on Facebook know that I've started dancing with the Utah'ko Triskalariak (Utah Basque Dancers). Sidenote: Don't know what a Basque is? Look here. No, I will not show you how our dances look, you can see one here. It's sometimes fun, mostly a valuable lesson in humility. But I've made some great friends!  So, once upon a time (um, 2 days ago) I left with 3 other dancers (another dancer, Sophie, rode with family members who provide the amazing live music that we get to dance to) to go to Rock Springs, Wyoming for their International Days festival.

The guys from our group went last year and were a HUGE hit with the crowd! What can I say? We're a whole heap o fun! This year is was the girls' turn to represent, unfortunately only a few of us could get away to go. So we drive 2.5 hours and arrive at Wyoming Trucks where Martin Goicoechea had a huge barbecue waiting for us. We were sitting around coveting the classic Mustang (Well, Alise had her eye on the Kia) when I suddenly realized I had forgotten my dancing shoes!! My heart just sank and I was so stinkin mad at myself.  The only shoes I'd brought were my super comfy but half a size too big canvas crocs and I knew I couldn't dance in those.
I can't tell you what a sick feeling I had. I sent Scott a text that said, "Guess who has two thumbs and forgot her dancing shoes???" He called and asked if I was going to come home for them. This made Alise and Antonia laugh out loud when I replied, "No I am NOT coming home for them!" Apparently Scott does not take kindly to being mocked by a few girls so he began the process of learning me a lesson. I hope you enjoy the text messages he sent as much as we enjoyed seeing them all weekend (You'll see what he texted at the bottom of each picture):
Dancing the Day Away
These are some things that might have gotten in the way of remembering the shoes

Gilmore Girls...ah! Such an escape!

I give..the laundry wins!

Horizontal house chores are always the toughest!

(These were sent Saturday)

Good morning my beautiful Dirty Hobo (Dirty Hobo is my fancy cocktail name for a Diet Coke--and I've discovered that you can add Pina Colada mix and make it even more delish. Try it. You won't be sorry!) Have a great day!

Ummm..a little privacy please?

Ugh. The things a girl has to do to be beautiful!

10 o'clock snack. Ummmm..Ben did it.(We blame everything on Ben! Poor baby!)

(At this point Jack is in on the fun. This text is from him) So, um, Mom isn't the only one who forgets (They took my shoes up to a thing Jack had to do with the Boy Scouts and Scott FORGOT THEM ON THE TOOLBOX OF HIS TRUCK! They got about 28 miles before Scott saw them in the rearview mirror. Like, freeway and EVERYTHING. Oh my gosh, it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it.

So caring! (Also from Jack)

This can't be happening! (You know it's happened to you!)

Interesting! (From Jack)

Um, yeah, I need a Diet Coke bigger than my head? (This is a direct quote from me, by the way. Can you believe he actually got OUT of his truck to put them next to the sign?)


Um, are we out of gas?

Luckily I made it home before any more pictures could be taken. I have to give Scott mad props for creativity. And I pinky swear promise to NEVER forget my dance shoes again! 

I will end with one more picture for your enjoyment. Here is adorable Alise trying to protect our Zagi (it's a large leather wine bag that someone brought us from the Basque country) from the downpour that we experienced literally RIGHT after we stopped dancing.

Hope you enjoyed Scott's clever editorial! Blog ya later!

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